My “On The Fly” Beauty Picks

As someone who flies often, I have come to the conclusion that my skin does not react well to being on and off an airplane. You know what I’m talking about. Either it gets way too dry, or way too oily, or your makeup for some reason, just WILL NOT stick where it’s supposed to. Recently I have found some products that I swear by for pre flight beauty prep to keep your skin looking as fresh as it did before you hopped on your flight. So without further adieu, my pre-flight beauty routine.




This mask is the ONLY thing that has kept my skin from acting up on a flight. Apply as directed, and after 10-15 minutes rub the mask in your skin until theres no film left. I use it before flights as a moisturizer and continue with my regular makeup routine after it has absorbed into my skin. The reviews on this bad boy are AMAZING if ever you need more proof. In addition, I try to use this mask a couple times a week to keep my skin feeling supple (and yes, supple is the best word to describe how your skin feels post use).




So on a whim, I decided to try this primer kit, and IT. IS. AMAZING. I typically start by spraying the primer water all over my face, then apply the photofinish primer. I loved getting to try the eyeshadow primer/under-eye primer as well, who doesn’t love mini products? This primer absolutely helps my foundation apply smoothly as well as stay right where it’s supposed to all day. Obviously, you can buy everything separately. I personally just love travel size products because I can get away with fitting more in my carry on without going over the liquid limit.




For me, I like a foundation that covers absolutely every imperfection without having to cake it on. This particular Urban Decay foundation does just that. I only have to use one less than dime size drop to cover my face and down my neck. I use two shades (04 and 07) because I spray tan, and some days I’m a beautiful glowing brown, and other days… not so much. I’ll apply the foundation with either a beauty blender or a large foundation brush all over my face and continue down my neck and chest, then let it set (aka: dry) for a few minutes before continuing with a powder.

The rest of your pre flight beauty routine is up to you! Whether you want to do a fabulous smokey eye and a red lip, or zero eye makeup and lipgloss, the choice is yours!

Personally I have felt that these specific products help my skin feel balanced after hours of flight time, and with there being so many different options and products to try, I recommend these as a starting point. If you have any of your own tips/tricks for pre or post flight, PLEASE comment below, I would love to hear/try yours!


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