I have wavy – curly hair naturally but here’s how to get bouncy, beachy curls regardless of your hair type. I’m also listing the products I use to get my hair the biggest and bounciest it can be.


Paul Mitchell EXTRA-BODY Sculpting Foam


CHI Enviro 54 Hairspray


Teasing Comb



Scrunch mousse through towel dried / damp hair from the root to the tip.


Continue to scrunch hair upwards to your scalp either until dry or use a blowdryer to speed up the drying process. You can also flip upside down while scrunching hair from tip to root when you blow-dry for extra volume.


Spray hairspray through out hair to give it a little more structure. Continue scrunching.


Use pik to tease your hair at the roots to make it even bigger.


  1. With damp towel dried hair, scrunch mousse throughout from tip to root
  2. Pull hair into a scrunched messy bun on the top of your head, making sure to put it as high up on your head as you can
  3. SLEEP
  4. In the morning, take your hair out of your messy bun (it’s gonna be a little wild)
  5. Scrunch a little more mousse throughout / spray with hairspray to tame it down
  6. VOILA you’re all done!

I hope this helped you achieve all your beach babe hair dreams!




For those of you who don't know me, I'm Kayla. I am currently based out of Miami, FL but frequently travel to new places around the globe. I am in a long term relationship with coffee and we frequently meet at new cafes to continue our love affair. I am an NFL cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins which has brought me the most wonderful friends and helped me navigate my life here in Miami. I am an entrepreneur and own Nectar List Media, a full service digital media production and design agency, where I get to work places like Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, and Miami. In addition to my work, I am passionate about photography and videography and love to shoot recreationally. I have one pup named Skipper Louise and she is the best kid a mom could ask for. Lastly, I'm a lover of all things beauty, style, travel, and just all around life. There you have it, thats the rundown of me. I hope this site brings you some laughs and hopefully adds a little value to your day. Don't hesitate to comment, email, or sliiiiide in the DM's to say hello! I'd love to hear from you! xxx Kayla

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