Stets and I went to Barbados to shoot for a resort on the island last Summer, and it remains one of my favorite places to visit. If you’ve never heard of this little treasure, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The size of the island is roughly 21 miles long and 14 miles wide. So, in other words, TINY. The island, uniquely, was formed from coral. Making it different from many islands that are formed by volcanic eruptions. Also uniquely, there are no sharks surrounding the island because of the surrounding reef made of the same coral. It is one of the most breathtaking places to snorkel and dive at. In ONE bay, there are 8 different shipwrecks to explore, (Carlisle Bay), not to mention turtles and an abundance of colorful fish, all residing in what looks and feels like warm bathwater. There is not one beach that won’t leave you entranced. The people are some of the kindest that I’ve come across, the food is to die for… the list goes on and on. Oh and did I mention, the birthplace and home of Rihanna.


If you’re planning on visiting, Bougainvillea Barbados was the resort that Stets and I had the pleasure of staying at for the week and we cannot rave about the experience enough. The resort has everything you could need, gourmet dishes in onsite restaurants, a private beach area, a multitude of beach activities (kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing), a brand new top of the line spa, and one of the most lush pools that I have ever seen. If you need more options, another equally beautiful resort owned by the same family is Sugar Bay Barbados. I always recommend staying someplace in new areas that are going to support the locals. While chain hotels are fun occasionally, the character of the places that you find that are locally run are beyond compare.


So, if you don’t know, you’re not actually supposed to be able to eat “flying fish” and they’re oftentimes regarded as inedible. Well the Bajan people have figured out how to turn that specific kind of fish into something absolutely delicious that everyone should try at least once. Another “must try” is called a “Roti”, consisting of a curry stew folded in a burrito like fashion into the roti (bread). The stew itself typically contains potatoes and a meat of your choice. Speaking personally, it’s the perfect post surf / beach meal. My favorite bajan snack is a bottle of Mount Gay Rum paired with a thick piece of toast with mango jam. This might be because the first time I visited Barbados thats what my best friend, Nichole, and I lived off of.


There are plenty of different bars on the island to try, but my two favorites are Red Door Barbados, and Harbour Lights.

Harbour Lights has a dinner show filled with dancing and music perfect for a family outing, but after the show, it turns into an outdoor bar / club. It’s pretty touristy but great nonetheless. Red Door is a bar located in one of the more upscale areas on the island, and I 10/10 recommend. A friend of mine owns the venue and it’s been graced with the presence of various celebs (Rihanna included). Additionally to having a unique and intimate atmosphere, there’s always fun drinks and feels much more local. Just go. Thank me later. Then there’s the always reliable Nikki Beach, a brunch locale and club that can be found many places internationally.

So, there you have it, you’ve got activities, foods, where we stayed, and what to do at night! If that’s not a vacay planned… I don’t know what is.


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